2022 Silver Winner - MM&M Award for Bag the Boss. This was a challenge to engage doctors at one of the largest medical conferences in the country. A mysterious disease that mimics many other deadly illnesses is lurking around the corner. Our job was to engage healthcare professionals and educate them along the way. I worked with my teams to design all the games and make sure all the medical thinking behind them was portrayed, and to physically create all the games.  

2020 Gold Winner - MM&M Award for Escape the Castle. This was done in December of 2019 at the ASH (American Society of Hematology) conference, with the aim to educate doctors on a rare disease to increase diagnosis. A goal that was achieved! I worked on the overall thought and design of the room with the medical team, designed all the puzzles, and associated promotional materials.

Launched in 2020 - During the height of covid, we launched this digital interactive educational game to help educate healthcare professionals about idiopathic Multicentric Castleman disease (iMCD) in a time when being together was not possible. We got them excited about the program by sending an eye-catching mailer to create anticipation. 

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